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Skylight Shades

Skylight shades are shades designed to cover your skylights and regulate your home’s lighting, cooling and heating – whether fully closed, fully open or any position in between. The installation is different and more complex than typical windows, but there are several designs: from the simplest Roman shade, to an energy-efficient honeycomb design, to a completely adjustable motorized solution. New York City Blinds can design, fabricate, and install a variety of skylight shades in your home. Skylight shades are available in manual or motorized options, installed by our in-house electricians.

Honeycomb Skylight Shades

The honeycomb design is a revolution in energy efficiency, especially desirable for skylight shades. The hexagon shaped cells trap a layer of air between the fabric of the shade, insulating your home against heat and cold and significantly reducing energy loss at windows. In skylight shades, the effect of this is particularly pronounced: the honeycomb design also blocks a maximum of UV rays while diffusing natural light into the room. With crisp pleats on both the front and back, the shade, when open, will blend beautifully with your roof, making your house look just as good from outside as it does on the inside.

Featured product: Hunter Douglas Applause Honeycomb Shades

  • Available with single, double, and triple honeycombs
  • Manual operation by a hand crank
  • Available with powerview remote  ( learn more about the PowerView® Series)



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Roman Skylight Shades

Roman shades have become a particularly popular window treatment over the past decade, and rightly so. These shades consist of a single piece of fabric divided into symmetrical horizontal pleats that fit neatly together as they are raised or lowered. In skylight windows, Roman shades are often the most cost-effective to install. Elegant and sophisticated, they are a classic option for blocking unwanted light or controlling the amount of light that enters the room. Available in numerous styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns, skylight Roman shades are as versatile as they are simple.

Featured Product: Somfy Solar Roman Shades

somfy solar skylight

  • Provide UV protection for furnishings without sacrificing views
  • Reduce harsh glares and heat while still letting light into the room
  • Quiet motorization controlled by a remote or smartphone app

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Roller Skylight Shades

Roller shades are available in sheer, semi-sheer, and opaque fabrics to cover your skylights. Motorization makes it convenient to open and close for different times of day. Roller shades are installed on a track and roll and store smoothly to not sacrifice views. Try sheer shades to protect furnishings from UV rays without sacrificing daylight views, or opaque fabrics to block out light completely.

skylight 4

Featured Product: Lutron Sivoia QS Shade

  • Adjust with RadioRA2 remote or wall switch

Wiring and shades installed by NY City Blinds

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