Pocket Rod Curtains & Drapes

Just as their name implies, pocket rod curtains have a pocket, or channel, sewn into them through which the curtain rod is fed. This provides a completely uniform look, as well as a decorative fringe above the covered rod. It also helps to block more light coming into the room. Usually, the inch or so of rod that protrudes on either end is a decorative finial.

pocketrod orange

Pocket rod curtains can be made from virtually any fabric. Sheer, blackout, thermal, and acoustic fabrics are some of the variations available, making them ideal for any room. Adding top treatments such as swags, valances, and tiebacks will dress them up as well. Pocket Rod curtains also come in various lengths and widths, making these versatile curtains ideal for almost any window, large or small. They are also ideal for French doors, adding privacy as needed as well as style.


  • Pocket rod curtains with a bit of extra length create a break in the fabric and flow to the floor uniformly
  • Install the rod and curtains higher to make windows and rooms look taller
  • Layer with blinds or shades to fit your design or functionality needs
  • Custom options to fit large or irregularly shaped windows
  • Certain fabrics will increase energy efficiency

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