Pinch Pleat Drapes

Pinch pleat drapes and curtains gather at regular intervals along the top and gradually expand towards the bottom for a full textured window treatment. They are self-lined and look beautiful on their own or under a valance or cornice. They can be placed on a rod for a traditional look or installed on a track for easy sliding. Pinch pleat drapes can also follow a rod around an irregularly shaped window or wall, such as a bay window or curved wall. Place them on mini rods over narrow windows for a tightly gathered look.


Tie-backs keep them open, framing the window and creating a focal point. Depending on the material and whether they’re sheer or combined with blackout fabric or shades, pinch pleat curtains can soften the natural light in a room or block it out completely. They can also serve as sound-proof curtains and room dividers.

While they are most dramatic on large windows, pinch pleat curtains add a little drama to any window in any room. Choose drapes that just reach the floor for a tailored look, or drapes with an extra inch or two of length to create an elegant “break” in the lines of the drapes.

Pinch Pleat styles

  • French pleat
  • Box pleat
  • Inverted pleat
  • Double pleat
  • Triple pleat


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