Commercial Window Treatments


If you own a store or restaurant, need to furnish an office building or office space, or have any other commercial window treatment requirements, you’ll want to work with knowledgeable experts like New York City Blinds. We not only help you select the best custom window treatments for your project, but also measure and install–whether it’s an entire office building or your store-front shop.

There are some things to consider when choosing commercial window treatments:

Function & ambiance — do you need to create a glare-free work-space? Are you looking for a gentle filtered light for a cozy restaurant?  Is privacy an issue or do you want to connect with the outside? There are dozens of shade and window blind options that allow you to control light and privacy, such as woven or honeycomb shades,  wood blinds, or aluminum blinds. If noise is an issue, acoustic curtains muffle sound from outside and can quiet a noisy interior, too. Read more about how acoustic curtains can help improve your atmosphere.

Energy efficiency — the last thing a business wants is to bleed money for heating and cooling. Insulated shades and curtains keep drafts out and hold warm air in. Honeycomb shades, with their ‘pockets’ of air, provide great insulation against heat and cold. If you prefer a fabric treatment, NY City Blinds offers curtains and shades in dozens of fabrics, including lined and interlined drapery that acts as a great insulator.

Motorization — Whether your conference room has a wall of windows or you have multiple windows in a store, doctor’s office or restaurant, motorized curtains and shades can save you a lot of time and effort. Change the position of one or multiple windows with the touch of a button. Some systems even integrate with your cell phone or tablet for a completely automated system that adjusts your window treatments to the right opening at precise times.

Skylights and unusual window shapes — NY City Blinds can create custom solutions for even the most challenging windows. Cellular and Roman skylight shades can be motorized, so you have never have to struggle with a skylight again. We fabricate custom shades for unusual shapes, too, like arched windows.

Child-Friendly window treatments — imagine a pediatrician’s office or a family restaurant with lots of window shade cords dangling in free-fall. Those cords are like a kid-magnet. Cordless blinds and shades with a retractable lifting mechanism are easy to operate and eliminate dangling cords. Window blinds that operate with a wand are also a good option.

Durability and easy maintenance — You have a job to do and it’s probably not keeping window treatments clean of smudges, dust and grime. Solutions like aluminum blinds are durable and easy to clean. Other low-maintenance options include faux wood blinds and roller shades.

Whether you’re specifying window treatments for an office, retail operation, hospitality or any other commercial use, let us help you with selection, measuring and installation. We specialize in custom window treatment solutions for even the most challenging space.

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